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Shop for Small Toys & Prizes

Small Toys & Prizes

Our huge selection of cheap toys make great medical or dental office giveaways and school carnival prizes kids love. Find all your student prizes & incentives here.

Toy Assortments

Toy Assortments

We carry a huge selection of incentive toys, giveaways & rewards for Children. Our deluxe toy assortment refills will keep your treasure box full.

Dental Supplies

Dental Office Supplies

You'll find toothbrushes for adults & children, dental floss, brushing timers & more.

School Store & Classroom Supplies

School Supplies

Your source for discount school supplies in bulk for your elementary school store or classroom. Students and Teachers love our selection of paper supplies, binders & folders, notebooks and writing supplies.



Our pencils all feature #2 HB graphite lead. Choose from fun metallic foil designs, motivational teachers pencils, sharpened testing pencils, dental theme pencils and much more.


Vending Capsules

Keep your Capsule Vending Machines and Treasure Towers Full with our 1" - 2" Toy Filled Vending Capsules.

Specializing in Kids Toys & Games, Toy Assortments, Stickers, Classroom Incentives & More


Giggletime Toy Co. provides small toys, giveaways, incentives and prizes focusing on items most valued by teachers, schools, pediatric dental practices and pediatric medical offices.

Our large selection of dental items including tooth keepers, brushing timers, dental stickers, licensed stickers, tooth themed dental rewards and a wide variety of novelty toys. Check out our Oral Choice® line of children's and adult toothbrushes which offer a quality product at an exceptional value.

Teachers, schools and parents will find inexpensive toys perfect for use as school store items, redemption prices and gifts for children. Our toys are a perfect fit in an Elementary School environment. PTA & PTO organizations will love our selection of items to use in fundraisers, church fairs and school carnivals.

Be sure to stop by and check out our FREE coloring pages and teacher worksheets. We frequently add new ones!