we received out order, lots of fun stuff...the cars we ordered said they would fit in the 2" capsule, but not all of them do and a struggle to get the capsule closed
~ Giggletime Toys: Thank you for bringing this to our attention Patti. We've removed the "Fits in 2" Capsule" icon and applied a credit to your account for the safari pull back cars.
Personalized pencil 3 pack
I have ordered this 3 pack for the last 3 years and am always satisfied with my purchase. I give them to a classroom of disabled children who's eyes light up when they see me coming with my "box". I give each child 2 three-packs of pencils with their names on them. These are children from a school that cannot afford even the barest essentials for each child so personalized pencils must come from a personal donor.
Judy Erickson
our office has been ordering from Giggletime for 28 years we would like to see some new additions to the options available I feel like we seem to order the same items over & over not complaining just stating a fact.
Cyrus Ezzati
Dental Toy Order
We have ordered from this company several times, but the last time was very disappointing. I placed the order on the 14th of the month, called back a couple of days later to find the order had not been processed. After a week, I called and no one could tell me why the order had not processed, nor did we receive notification that the order would be delayed. We finally received the order on August 28. When I called to voice my displeasure, we were finally offered 10% off our next order.
~ Giggletime Toys: After looking into this further we found that the order was abnormally delayed in shipping. This is uncommon and we apologize for the delay.
Gwendolyn Davis
Alliance Family Dental